Painting “for the weekend” by BELSY from Havana, Cuba

Today I would like to introduce you a Cuban Artist BELSY Barbara Cobiellas Cruz from Havana, Cuba. She´s a painter, lives in Havana und loves art. Her paintings are about see, island lifes, engel, women, architecture and old colonial style with a lot of symbols of old Cuba, for example shells, sunflowers, mermaids….I love her art, it´s just like Gouguin, light postmodern and very feministic. In Europe we need more sunshining and wiht Belsy´s paintings we can get a little bit of it to our homes !!!

On the 3 next firdays I´ll introduce you 3 Belsy´s paintings. If you like it, you can buy it.

The title of this painting in spanish is: “Muchacha con caracol” = “Women with a shell”

Acrylic on linen / 70 x 100 cm         (FOR SALE !!!)



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