London in Kapsel / London w kapsułce / London in capsule !!!

London´s K6 cellphone famouse telephone cell of the world !!!

TOWER Bridge was a jail….and today is a “not” simple Bridge !!!

A Bridge it can be open for ships !!!

The London´s taxis are very special and the buses also !!!

A skyliner in the city called “Gourke” cucumber because of his shape !!!


London Eye on the Thames !!!

London like….

Westminster Abbey

The Prince with Kate, the Queen and her son with Camilla….all about Queen Family on the Biscuits Box

By Harrods….

With Harry Potter on the platform 9 3/4… should try it, it works !!!


Unique just in London !!!

Windsor Castle, whe the Queen goes out of town outside of London !!!

With him is the Queen save at the Windsor Castle !!!

Piccadilly Circus the famous crossroad in London !!!

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea – luxury delux !!!

As a Princess  or Lady like for a moment !!!

The Portobello Road in Nothing Hill – a Must Have in London !!!


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